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We wish our graduates the best in all they do and hope that they will always carry a part of Beans to Bags experience with them as they continue to explore and discover the world ahead of them.

Class of 2021

Congratulations to Andrew Miller, Justin Kakuda, Yajaira Flores-Lopez, Alena Hartkopf, and Rema Hamami! 

Andrew, Alena, and Rema were part of Beans to Bags for 2 years in the Operations & Marketing team.  Andrew will be attending Michigan State University this fall.

Justin and Yajaira were part of Beans to Bags for 4 years.  Justin was a Senior Roaster and  will be attending Virginia Tech;  Yajaira was in the Operations & Marketing team and will be attending Oakland Community College.

Class of 2019


Right:  Devin Kakuda    Left:  Sadeem Shamoun

Congratulations to Devin Kakuda and Sadeem Shamoun as they will be starting the next chapter as Devin attends Center of Creative Studies (CCS) and Sadeem attends Wayne State University.

Thank you to Devin Kakuda for the last 3 years as the Senior Leader in Operation.  He was the youngest roaster who started to learn roasting coffee in his freshmen year.  He contributed tremendously to the growth of the business but more importantly, he has grown in his presentation delivery and business management skill.  

Thank you to Sadeem Shamoun for the last 2 years in Sales & Marketing.  Sadeem has great people skill.  He was able to engage in numerous discussions with customers during our promotional events.  He provided great ideas and provided positive energy to the team.


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