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Justin Kakuda - Senior Roaster & Operations Support

Avondale Class of 2021


To make the world a better place, you must be able to see the world as a better place.  Beans to Bags and Gift of Giving do just that.  I joined Beans to Bags because growing up in the Avondale School District, I saw the huge impact that the Gift of Giving organization had created in our community.  Beans to Bags has allowed me to be able to create business models and presentations for companies to spread our message of giving back.

Julio-Flores Lopez - Roaster & Operation Support

Avondale Class of 2022

I joined Beans To Bags to have a great opportunity to learn how a business runs and to learn what kind of work has to go in so it can succeed.  It has been a great experience running the business.  One of my key role is being the Roaster, ensurig each roast brings out the aroma of the beans.  In addition to learning the business, it allows me to give back to the Avondale community through the non-profit Gift of Giving.  

Yajaira-Flores Lopez - Operations & Marketing Support

Avondale Class of 2021

Beans to Bags is a great opportunity for me to develop many skills such as public speaking and learning how to run a business.  I've always had trouble with public speaking and it has been a struggle coming out of my comfort zone.  I am slowly becoming less shy.  I am so glad I get to experience how to run a business that most kids my age do not get to experience.

Alena Hartkopf- Operations & Marketing Support

Avondale Class of 2021

I joined Beans to Bags because I thought it would be good leanring opportunity for me before I got a job outside of school.  It allows met ot work with people as a team and do our best as a company.  Most of the time during our roastings, I bag the beans, which is filling them with different roasts and weighing them out to the weight written on the label.  In addition, I help label th bags and grind the beans.  We all work together when we need to present to a company in order to get more sales.

Andrew Miller - Operations & Marketing Support

Avondale Class of 2021

My primary role at Beans to Bags is packing the roasted beans.  My job typically consists of filling out the labels, and taking the freshly roasted beans into their appropriate bags.  When I first learned of Beans to Bags, I thought it was just a normal company that was a way for students to learn about the business and earn money for college.  But once I became a part of it, I learned just how much it does for the Avondale community - from toy and gift drives around the holiday season, to supplies in the fall.  Being a part of a company that takes everything it earns, and gives it back to the community is greater than any possible check.

Rema Hamami - Operations & Marketing Support

Avondale Class of 2021

The true mission of Beans to Bags, that I’ve witnessed firsthand, is giving back to people in need. In fact, working with this team has shown me the power of giving back and how important it is for a thriving community. Not only do we provide numerous families food and basic supplies through many programs, but Beans to Bags has provided me many business opportunities that develop my entrepreneurial skills. From making effective presentations to our school board and different companies, to producing a whole new product and learning the logistics of testing and selling it. Accordingly, the core beliefs and new skills that Beans to Bags has instilled, give me the confidence and experience to one day start my own nonprofit organization, to reach and give back to more people.


Jeff Lau


Jeff is an Avondale community member and graduate of Avondale High School. He is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Argus Logistics.    



Wayne and Bonnie Kakuda


Wayne and Bonnie are Avondale community members.  Bonnie is a stay at home mom who volunteers at the Avondale Schools and coordinates the Gift of Giving activities.  Wayne is the Chief Executive Officer of BMK Solutions.