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Beans to Bags

New Member Opportunity

Beans to Bags is seeking Avondale 9th-11th grade students who have a passion in being an entrepreneur, enjoy working in a team, can dedicate time to grow the business, and is a self-starter.  If you are interested in becoming a Beans to Bags team member, please fill out the application by May 1, 2021.

Avondale Student Application
Your Grade in 2021-2022 School Year:
Do you have a driver's license?



 1.  What are the roles and responsibilities?

Beans to Bags will have small teams of entrepreneurs where each team will have the same roles and responsibilities to enhance learning opportunities for students.   Below is a brief description of the roles and responsibilities?

Business Planning Responsibilities:

  •   Invoice customers and collect payments

  •   Record weekly sales in business model spreadsheet

  •   Run weekly team meeting


Sales and Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Host promotional events:  Avondale Open House, Adams Ridge Subdivision, Hearts and Hands Run, and Sheffield offices

  • Make sales presentation:  Argus, Dillman & Upton, and Family Table


Operations Responsibilities:

  • Reporting weekly roasting requirements to our full team

  • Scheduling team members to roast and fulfill orders

  • Roasting, bagging, and delivering our product

  • Performing final check - correct label and weight

  • Re-ordering raw materials:  beans, bags, and labels

  • Cleaning and maintaining Geisen Roaster


2.  How much time is required to be part of the Beans to Bags business?


Hours will vary between 5-8 hours depending on the amount of sales from your team.    The hours include weekly business meeting, coffee roasting, customer delivery, and completing action items. 


All work are done on the weekdays but there may be times when weekends are necessary.  Business meetings are on weekdays, but there may be occasional weekends.


3.  How much can I earn in scholarships from Beans to Bags?


Scholarships are based on the amount of sales from your team.  100% of the profits from Beans to Bags support Avondale students, where 50% go to your team in form of  scholarships and 50% go to Gift of Giving.    Gift of Giving is a nonprofit 501c(3) organizaiton where profits generated from Beans to Bags are used to support Avondale students by providing nutrition and clothing for those in need; providing scholarships for students who participate in the entrepreneur opportunity (for example, Beans to Bags); and providing enrichment opportunities for students to go above and beyond in the classrooms.



4.  When are scholarships distributed?


Scholarships are distributed quarterly to each team member.

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